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    Big Russian billiards – 510 rub/h

    Russian billiards – 400 rub/h

    American pool – 320 rub/h

    Sauna in the complex “Platina”

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    You can spend time with health benefits in business-class and economy-class saunas with pools, jacuzzi, geyser and waterfall.

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    The hotel is located 15 km from the Vladivostok Irkutsk highway. Found immediately. But the road is very broken. Modest but clean hotel. Good administrators. Inexpensive prices. Can be booked through this website. Free parking nearby. There is a refrigerator and a kettle in the room. There is Wi-Fi. Will go to spend the night.


    A sincere hotel not far from the never falling asleep artery of Chita – Khabarovsk. Quiet and friendly. They fed, watered and put to bed. I give the highest rating, because in the room there was everything that was so necessary for a tired auto-traveler at that moment – a hot shower, and a large refrigerator, and WiFi, and a snow-white bed, and a kettle to drink coffee in the morning and pour a thermos on the road. I was not in the sauna or billiard room.


    For the second time on a business trip I stay at this hotel. Nice rooms, fridge, kettle, TV, wi-fi in the rooms. A la carte breakfast can be ordered in advance at the restaurant. Nice staff.


    Excellent hotel! We were passing by with my husband and a small child. We were given a nice room, with a large double bed, hot water, air conditioning, kettle, refrigerator. There is Uzbek cuisine in the hotel itself, it cooks very tasty. In general, I liked the hotel, the staff is polite, despite the fact that they arrived late at night, they settled in without any problems. When we go back, we will only stop here!


    An ordinary hotel, facilities in the room, there are breakfasts. Too bad there are no dinners. Far from the center.


    I liked the place very much, I recommend it to everyone! Rooms are clean, Wi-Fi is available. The administrator is friendly.


    An ordinary hotel with 2 stars, but for the city of Skovorodino, due to the lack of choice, this is one of the best hotels, and that’s why my rating is 4 stars. Restaurant at the hotel for 2 stars.


    Great place for business travelers! There is wi-fi and cable TV. Everything is pretty clean and tidy.

    Marina Smirnova